A man and the woman walked into the laundromat together.

Woman to the man (Peter):

“Peter. We are so lucky that there is a laundromat near your new apartment. But, I hope that your washing machine is soon fixed.”

Woman to Max (in gushing voice):

“Hello. We need these things washed today. Our washing machine has broken down.”


“No problem. What name will I put on the tag?”

Woman (Joyce) to Max (while giving Peter a loving smile):

“Joyce and Peter together forever!”

Joyce to Peter:

“Let’s go darling. I think we need to buy some new sheets for our bed. It is strange that you have only one set. I also need to change my flight back to Washington to a later date”.

Max to Fran as he leant on her after putting the washing inside her:

“I am glad that their washing machine has problems because I can see what true love is. Maybe it will happen to me one day. What do you think Fran?”

Usually it was Fran who started the conversation with the things that she was washing. But the sheets were in a hurry to talk. “I can’t wait”, said the bottom sheet to Fran as the washing begun. “I don’t belong to him and I want my real man back”. “What do you mean?” asked Fran. “The apartment does not belong to Peter”, said the sheet. “He only borrowed it — and us bed linen — for two weeks from our real man so that he could continue his lies. The washing machine is not broken. Peter just does not know how to use it.” “It sounds complicated”, said Fran, and then asked: “Is she from America?”

Scene in Washington restaurant:

Joyce to Peter:

“I am so happy that you came to see my boss and allowed us to meet. You have such an interesting life. A senior adviser to the Australian prime minister and now an international business lobbyist. I fell in love with you almost immediately!”

First scene with Peter on the telephone:

Peter talking:

“Her name is Joyce. I met her in Washington. All I wanted was some woman to fuck while I was there for a week, so I told her lots of exaggerated stuff. I invited her to come to Australia, but I never thought she actually would come! She arrives next Tuesday. Remember that I lied to help you avoid paying money to your ex-wife when you got divorced, so now I need your help!”

Peter (after listening on the phone for a while):

“Great! Your apartment and car for two weeks. Many thanks! And enjoy your holiday in Europe.”

Second scene with Peter on the telephone:

Peter talking:

“I know you come back to Australia after three days, but I can’t get rid of her! And I cannot admit it was all a lie. I have my pride!”

Peter (after listening on the phone for a while):

“No! We are not going to have a threesome! Can you please stay with your mother for a few days?”

Third scene with Peter on the telephone:

“I know it has now been three weeks. Please just give me a little more time.”

Scene in the laundromat:

Joyce walked into the laundromat alone, and obviously very happy saying to Max:

“Today is going to be a great day. I think that Peter will ask me to marry him.”

Max had misheard what Joyce had said and when Peter walked in, Max said to him:

“Congratulations on your coming marriage.”

Peter’s jaw dropped, and he could no longer hide his true feelings.

“To Joyce? Of course not! I only wanted some fun in Washington.”

Joyce looked a Peter for a moment, and then started to cry before rushing out the door. It was now Peter’s turn to be surprised. But then a smile crossed his face before he exclaimed:

“It is a great day. She will go!”

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