A woman and her male companion enter Max’s laundromat.

Woman angrily says to man:

“It’s your fault!”

Man replies with angry voice:

“No. It was your idea to go there. I only agreed to go to a marriage counsellor because I wanted to save our marriage. I did everything right.”

Man says to Max (while handing a bag):

“These need to be cleaned.”


“Yes. When do you want to collect them?”

Women, in a voice directing some of her anger at Max:

“Tomorrow. OK?”



As the couple left, still bickering, Max put the clothes into Fran, his favorite washing machine. In spite of the argument that he had just witnessed, Max could see only the positive side.

Max (leaning on Fran) says:

“Fran! “He said that he wants to save the marriage! He is a good man. I am sure that he did everything right. Maybe she should be more tolerant?”

Fran gave the clothes her customary friendly greeting. “Hello. How are you? My name is Fran.” “We are glad to be here!” exclaimed the woman’s panties. When our owners get angry with each other, it starts to rub off on us and we get angry with each other. It’s a pity, because I really like the man’s underpants.” “Yes”, said the underpants. “We have to live with the lies, but at least we can now get rid of the stains.” “This seems to be normal”, said Fran. “Every day I am told stories about people lying.” “Wait to you hear our story”, said the panties.

Scene in an Apartment:

Women to the Man:

“What! I can’t believe it. How could you?”


“It just happened! We only met and kissed. We have not yet had sex.”

They went to a marriage counsellor, but he fell in love with the counsellor.” “Oh!”, exclaimed Fran. “This is the first time that I have heard a story like this. Did the counsellor fall in love with the man?” “Yes”, said the panties. “It’s a disaster!” said the underpants. “The counsellor is a man, and if they have sex I will end up being washed with underpants instead of panties.” Fran did not know what to say. The panties and the underpants spent the remainder of the wash expressing their love for each other. They even seemed to be crying, although with so much water around it was difficult to know if there were really tears.  

Scene in the laundromat:

Women (who has just arrived alone):

“No. I am only taking my clothes. His can stay here!”

Max to woman (as she paid him):

“I think that he really loves you!”

Women (initially glaring at Max, and then laughing):

“He hasn’t yet fucked the marriage counsellor – but I did last night. Two can play the same game.”

Max was confused and said nothing, while Fran wondered whether her next wash would be an panties-underpants combo or a underpants-underpants combo.

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