Max was leaning on Fran, his favorite washing machine in his laundromat and, as often the case, was talking to her about his “very nice” customers. Two women walked in and introduced themselves. “Hi, I am Lisa”, said one. “And, I am Trudy”, said the other. Max was very pleased because it seemed he would have two new “very nice” customers.

Lisa to Max:

“We have just moved into the neighborhood and we want to be your customers. We are twins”.

Just then Max noticed that the two women were dressed the same. Their clothes were very colorful but did not appear expensive – something that Max noticed quickly because taking care of clothes was his profession (and the only thing he was remotely good at). What Max did not notice was that one woman was taller than the other, although this may have been due to the hats that they wore.

Trudy was holding a plastic bag, which Lisa took from her and handed to Max, saying:

“Here is our washing. And one of the shirts has a button missing. We hope that you will be able to find a button that matches the others and sew it on.”

When Lisa began inspecting some of the customer shirts that Max had hung for drying, Trudy moved closer to him and said:

“You seem a nice man. I am sorry for everything.”

Seeing that Max was confused, Trudy leaned forward and said in a low voice:

“You should be more careful about your customers.”

Lisa suddenly appeared at Trudy’s side and said:

“What is Trudy saying to you? That you are a very attractive and sexy man?”

Max blushed. Nobody had ever said that to him before. Lisa smiled broadly, saying:

“And, I hope, you are a very successful businessman.”

Lisa took Trudy’s hand, saying:

“Come Trudy. We must go and let this nice man do our washing.”

Turning back to Max as they left, Lisa said:

“We will pick-up the washing tomorrow.”

Max had rarely felt so good. After he put the “twins” washing into Fran and she was working away, Max lent on her and said:

“Fran, I can hardly wait until tomorrow .”

“Hello”, said Fran as she washed the things of Trudy and Lisa.

The shirt which was missing a button said:

“Here we go, being washed again. Lisa brought me three years ago, and I am so tired of being worn by her.”

Fran said:

“I will try to make my washing comfortable for you.”

Lisa’s shirt replied:

“Being washed is not the problem. I just do not like my owner and her lies. I prefer Trudy.”

The other shirt in the washing was quick to respond:

“Well, you are not going to get her. Trudy is mine. I am also tired of being washed and feel worn-out. But at least Trudy tries to tell the truth.”



Lisa’s shirt:

“Trudy and Lisa are not twins. It is their trick to help steal money. They go into a shop together and sound so pleasant to people. The when Trudy says really nice things to the shop assistant or owner so that they do not notice other things, and Lisa steals money.”


“Really nasty people!”

Lisa’s shirt:

“No! Trudy tries to tell the truth, but thinks that Lisa’s lies and tricks are they only way for her to survive.”

All were quite for a while, before Lisa’s shirt said:

“I have been thinking. Today might not be such a bad day. I also feel worn-out, and something Lisa said may indicate that she feels the same about me. Maybe, she will not come back tomorrow to get me!”

Trudy’s shirt asked anxiously:

“You mean they will leave us here?”

Once Fran had finished washing, Max took out the two shirts and a few other things. Max said to Fran:

“Not a big wash. And these clothes are old. They should really be thrown away.”

Max hung up the clothes to dry. It was time to close, so he went to where his jacket was hanging and took the day’s money receipts from his pocket to put in his wallet. But the wallet was not in his jacket!

Max to Fran:

“I must have left it at home this morning. Goodnight!”  

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